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    I would like to give Planned Parenthood and their Teen Council forum 10/10 stars

    idk about you all, but this made me cry
    and i know not all forms do this, this might be the only one, but knowing that at least one organization recognizes me as a person, doesn’t ask me to lie to fit their box, is one of the most calming and beautiful things to experience.

    and i’m just waiting for the day when government forms use this, when schools ask for preferred pronouns, when everywhere has an other category for gender and pronouns.

    we’re getting there, y’all.  we’re demanding to be seen and it’s working

    PLANNED PARENTHOOD YES. Thank you, so awesome.

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  2. joodlez:

    You’re not alone, Link!

    Saria’s the one friend who recognized Link and I love her for it ;-;

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  3. Anonymous said: Mama Tia? I know you get lots of messages about people who are sad, but I wanted to tell you how happy I am. I'm in college, I'm going to be published soon, and I have a wonderful, smart girlfriend, who does disagree with me about space and stuff, but we never seriously argue over it. We have debates, and I usually lose, but I always come around to understand her view point. And when we get mad at each other, we never just sit on it, we talk about it, and when we're done, we drop it. I love her


    wtf im crying again im so happy for you i wish you and your girlfriend 900000 billion years of happiness and joy and im so happy youre going ot be published im so glad for you i just want you to have EVERYTHING GOOD IN THE WORLD

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    A flying wyvern that maintains its primitive origins. Prone to violence, it possesses incredible ferocity thanks to its four limbs, claws, and jaw. Inhabits a wide area, it has even been spotted hunting Popo in the mountains.

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  6. Anonymous said: In your About you say that you're "extremely anti-porn".. why? I'm really curious to know your opinion :)


    because the basis of the porn industry is the exploitation and humiliation of women

    i can’t tag on my phone so i’m not going into detail but look up ex porn star testimonials and see for yourself what kind of horrors women in the industry have to endure to get their paychecks

    i also believe frequent consumption of porn increases the likelihood the consumer will be abusive (sexually and otherwise) towards women and horrifyingly enough, children

    not even going to get into how disgustingly racist the industry is here but that’s certainly another factor


  7. fato-profugus:

    I keep in the shadows
    as the gargoyles are to cathedrals

    I moor myself in your visage,
    the simplest hue of your persona -
    enthralled in your enigma
    and your shallow vagaries

    In the trifling movements of your shadow
    I lean and steal glances
    and I sift through you
    when you pass through the…

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  8. themarysue:

    I (Rebecca) vastly improved the 50 Shades of Grey trailer by taking screencaps and Photoshopping judgmental cartoon characters into them. YOU’RE WELCOME. See the rest here.

  9. globalmonsterhunters:

    San Diego Comic Con 2014 - Capcom’s Booth 

    Kino here, Admin of Rathalos-Scales
    Managed to get into Comic-Con as a Exhibitor (well cause I am exhibiting as well but nvm that) Also not wearing my signature outfit but it’s hot in San Diego, don’t think I’d survive in my Guy-Man helm w/ my Melynx Kigu, but I was decked out in MH gear: backpack, wallet, hair-tie, shirt. 

    But Before the crowd and arriving at my booth, I book’d it to Capcom’s Booth and felt my heart race happily seeing that Goa Magara. Had a lovely talk with Yuri and other staff members of Capcom (wish I got their names!) 

    I got to demo MH4U, and before there was a crowd when exhibit hall was nearing opening, I got to be the first to buy my SDCC Monster Hunter exclusive plushies. And take loads of pictures of me with Goa. Pulled some “How To Train Your Dragon” with the Goa. 

    thank you for this experience capcomunity

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